Americans for Minimal Government (AMiGo)

We are the party that can unite most Americans.  Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green...

almost all would ike to expand freedom. 

The AMiGo party is foremost in expanding freedom and reducing Government.  

AMiGo stands for individualism.  
AMiGo stands or grou pefforts
AMiGo stands for necessary Government functions to be done BETTER

Our candidates can be active members of the major parties or can be unaffiliated.  Once we are established they can affiliate with us, the AMiGo party, but we will never force it.  

Freedom of candidate demands the most liberal stance on affiliation.  Also, the reality of media coberage still dictates running as a Democrat or Republican gives candidates more clout for now.  

Thus, the appelation D, ACL, or R, ACL or I, ACL are welcome beside any candidate name.  

We launched in Connecticut in 2018 and would like to expand to at least 20 states for the 2020 election cycle.  

Or 2019. 

These are the local elections, and local is for many issues more important than state and national.  Also, local typically makes major party status less relevant.  Local elections are winnable with a small but fervant group of voters who know the candidate well.  Local elections are winnable when a candidate is passionate, knowledgeable, and uses her / his rolodex to reach people about issues they find important.  

If you can be one of those candidates we would like to have you join us for an upcoming race. 

About The AMiGo Party