This page is to collect, anonymously, snippets of sexual harassment in divisions of CT government.  Here is where true stories can be told.  Here is where others can be warned.

Here is a comforting spot to those who have been harassed.  You are not alone.

We ask for TRUE recollections of what happened to you in your government workplace.  We do NOT ask for your name, and at this stage do not ask for the perpetrator's name.  If you wish to have this referred to a prosecutor, you can tell us.  It is NOT an automatic.  We will contact you first.
Truth is essential.  Shading the truth causes lost credibility for you and every other harassed person who might come on to this page.  

Please name the office, not the individual.  Office size ideally is 5 - 50 people.  

Too large: City of ______________
Too small: Mayors office for Pre-K support.
Best: "Mayor's Office"

If you choose to be contacted it will ONLY be by someone directly affiliated with this site.  It will not be referred to any authorities unless and until you agree.  We look forward to helping you air these problems and are grateful to you for sharing.


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