The environment: 
The Resistance members give each American a property right in their air and water;
Add:  The Resistance will use government where private property rights cannot be enforced.

The Resistance pushes for every child to have choice in schools,
Add: parents gain the power to take their children to the schools that are best
Add: schools get better - that's what free markets do everywhere else.
Add:  Schools that don't improve -  die within 3 years.

College Students: 
The Resistance members will end the student loan charade,
Add: We give students who were hoodwinked easy repayment terms.

The Resistance seeks to tax you at 0%.  
Add: those age 20 - 35 who are not yet wealthy keep ALL of what they earn.

African Americans:

The Resistance members will repeal Davis-Bacon,
Add: We will make  Social Security (the most regressive tax on Blacks) optional.
Add: We will free all students in DC from the bad schools that entrap them now.

Marriage Equality:
The Resistance will end the distinction in federal benefits when a domestic partner is gay.

Marijuana legalization:

The Resistance members believe what adults put into their bodies is their right. 
Add: The Resistance will stop the war against non-violent drug offenders. 
Add: The Resistance will de-fang SWAT teams that steal innocents' property and scare citizens in night-time raids.

The poor:
The Resistance running Congress means far better help for the poor.
Add: Private charities are FAR more responsive than blunt government bureaucrats.

The elderly:

The Resistance  will help poor-yet-deserving elderly far more than the current system,
Add: The Resistance will give Veterans a choice in hospitals and clinics.
Add: Older Vets will not be tied to the VA or suffer long delays in care.

The "99%":
The Resistance members in Congress take an axe to corporate welfare. 
Add: Indeed, for most of us, corporate welfare is the first target. 
Add: Wall Streeters don't need government help.

Women's rights:
The Resistance members recognize the value of women working in the home.  
add: We promote their credentials when they return to the workplace. 
add: We support start-up businesses, which are now launched by women about as frequently as by men.

add: The Resistance respects privacy.   We will fight vigorously against government intrusion into women's lavatories, girls' dorms and girls' locker rooms. 

Small property owners:
The Resistance assures small property owners their proper voice over marauding big companies.  One farmer, one family,
or one small business has the right to stand up against predatory power plants, pipelines, and "rights of way". 
Property rights live with The Resistance.


The Resistance elevates good teachers to higher salaries and benefits.  Choice in education means good teachers become

more in demand.  Avoiding rigid union contracts allows teachers to be paid more.

add: We strongly resist categorizing children as emotionally or academically needy.  This holds students back and keeps teachers from being paid fairly. 

Industrial workers:
The Resistance offers you more benefits to safety and higher wages than the tenuous system you now have.  

add: We unburden you and your employers.
add: we end silly regulations that stifle your growth.

If you believe in democracy, you can't abide by bureaucrats controlling your rights. 
Add: The Resistance members are committed to ripping out EVERY page of the Code of Federal Regulations. 
add: Laws are to be VOTED upon, not foisted upon us.

The Resistance mantra is to keep expanding your freedom. 
add: Big industry will lose its power, while individuals will see their power grow.
add: Big governments will lose their power, while individuals regain theirs.

add: Good businesses and good non-profits will flourish.  There is no need for government and lobbyists to steer tax money to the politically competent.  The Free Market steers money to the best providers.

The Resistance lines up VERY well with progressives.  See if you think our candidates for President and Congress align with yours. 

VOTE FOR THE RESISTANCE CANDIDATES wherever they are campaigning.
Your Stodgy incumbent hasn't accomplished any of the above. 

If elected in force, we WILL.   

Resistance candidates are in play for any 2019 special election and for all 2020 races. 

WHAT  Every "Progressive"  Democrat Wants..