For ALL candidates, no office experience is necessary, just a sound-mind, energy, and fortitude (outspoken black conservatives already possess HIGH fortitude). It can include state legislator races too.  Our 2018 mission is to make hay in 40 US House races. Ideal is age 29 to 49. 

Candidates in 2018 and 2020 run within the 2 big parties, even if sentiments are libertarian, reform or constitutionalist. We run from within, as an Anti-Incumbent Republican ("AIR") or Anti-Incumbent Democrat ("AID"). When campaigning in the same forums, it becomes an "AIRAID",

What The Resistance offers is shared campaign resources, to make the "hat-in-the-ring" proposition lass daunting. We hope that "safety in numbers" gets strong grass-roots CANDIDATES and thus makes The Resistance a recognizable force by 2018 and a controlling force by 2020.

WHAT IS The Resistance? 

Our Candidate is a Libertarian.

Click HERE for what you can do for him, Liberty, and for Mark Stewart. 

Let's get going!  

"The Resistance" is a group of loosely aligned candidates and campaigns. The common thread is to unseat incumbents in favor of less statism.

We are planning now for the 2018 races and would like to have at least two eager candidates for each of  northeast US House Races. Literally two who will run in the Republican AND Democrat primaries. (Yes, on the Democrat side, this will turn things 180 degrees for them).

Those who lose, but succeed in getting good attention should run as Libertarians in the Fall.   Those who get elected as Republicans or Democrats can finally govern with liberty most prominent. 

Please encourage people who are willing to help candidates vigorously campaign. Or campaign themselves.  We ESPECIALLY want to promote African-American candidates.


for parents, children

& media