Democrats as Tooth stuff for all!
 Published in the Hartford Courant Oct 15, 2015

What the nation heard from the top two Democratic contenders Tuesday night was a disgusting combination of pandering and socialism. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton can't stop themselves from offering free stuff to nearly every element of the public. Free early childhood education. Free college. Free benefits for workers in trying situations. Free old-age benefits. That's in the form of Social Security, which takes from younger workers and gives to retirees, and which by any reasonable definition is bankrupt.

Actually, most "free stuff" is funded not by today's voters, but by youngsters and unborn generations. Debt puts a hex on every generation tasked to pay that debt. Thomas Jefferson called foisting debt upon future generations immoral.

Every government transfer in the name of a so-called good cause is a taking. Whenever Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Sanders proposes benefits to some, it's an involuntary extraction from others. Take college. If each of those who don't attend college were directly asked if they would fund their counterparts who are attending college this year, the answer would be "no," or "hell no!"

If no Democratic leader pledges to stop spending other people's money, then I'll get on the ballot again myself. Our Democratic leaders do not represent American voters or American values.